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Depending on their legal status, photographs of objects in the database are licensed individually. In general any photographs of objects whose creator (i.e. of the object in question) has been dead for at least 70 years are Public Domain Mark 1.0. In the case of modern and contemporary circulation currencies (coins and paper notes) it is equally assumed that no additional copyright does exist.

In any other cases individual statements regarding the rights of third parties will be given.

Recommended quotation of this website:: The Online Catalogue of the Münzsammlung des Seminars für Alte Geschichte der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i. Br.

Recommended quotation for a single object within the online catalogue:: Münzsammlung des Seminars für Alte Geschichte der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg i. Br., [object number], for example: ID711.

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Research projects

This project was developed in cooperation with the Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin: Coin database and online catalog based on the template and with common master and norm data management in the NUMiD network for the semantic web.

The documentation of the Freiburg coin collection on this portal is significantly supported by the Landesinitiative Kleine Fächer Baden-Württemberg.


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